About Us

The Azurite Marketing Group

We Provide Creative, Branding, Web Production, and Online Marketing Services

Azurite Marketing Group is a branding, web design, and online marketing agency providing a complete solution to help our customers achieve a professional image and effective web presence.

We help our customers grow their business by understanding their needs, and developing a tailored strategy for them to achieve the most effective results with a comprehensive identity, branding, website, and marketing plan.

Your Azurite Team

Heshy Friedman


Svetlana Zelikovych

Lead Designer

Raphi Salem

Director of Marketing

David Kunkel

Creative Communications

About Heshy

Azurite is led by Heshy Friedman, who founded Radial Creations as a website design company in 2002, and launched over 1000 professional websites through the Radial Creations name. Heshy rebranded and founded Azurite to expand into the branding and marketing business and offer his clients a complete web and marketing solution from A to Z.


Azurite is a vibrant blue copper-based mineral, forming sharp crystals that are highly desired by mineral collectors. (see Minerals.net)

This mineral is a favorite of Heshy Friedman, a mineral enthusiast who chose this name for its attractive name and color, as well as its subliminal connotation of providing service from A to Z and doing it right!

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